Day 22 of 365 

Forever Nature,

My apologies for always posting late but it’s because I do go out and take new pictures every day. Every post you see are uncut straight from my Camera. On today’s theme I had something out of the ordinary. Have you ever wondered how the world would look like if humans all of sudden left? Like how would nature will continue with our absence.


(Survival of the fittest) 107, Tx



This color scheme must carry the browns and yellows to give a great aftermath vibe I wanted to capture.

                          (Dead Flow) 107, Tx

After we leave everything will continue like nothing happened nature will continue to grow and takeover everything we ever built. Nature might even get stronger with everything we’ve done but I’m still not proud of all the damage we caused to our beautiful mother nature. 

(Safe haven) 107, Tx

This just might be my favorite image of the day by looking at it you can sense a story behind the hole situation, It just feels abandoned with nature blooming without a worry in the world.

22 2.PNG

(Shattered dreams) 107, Tx

Today I had a chance to go to my cousins house and take pictures outside and it was a great experience I really thought I wasn’t going to get good pictures because it was going for a new theme guess I underestimated myself again.

(New start) 107, Tx

We must protect our mother nature at all costs if we keep this up with destroying nature and global warming we will get problems that are irreversible we must be the change we want in this world. This is norby signing out once again thanking you for coming to my side of the internet hope you have a great day today everybody.



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