Day 23 of 365

Shape shifters,

Hello errbody hows my favorite people doing this fine evening hope everyone had a great morning if not this blog will remind you that you still have a chance to turn that frown upside down and make it a positive day, you can’t decide the outcome but you choose how you end the day remember that.

On today’s post I was looking for shapes I was not trying to be picky and just choose one  shape so I incorporated all the shapes I was able to find in order to bring you more images!

(Rhombus) Mcallen, Tx 
(Triangle) Mcallen, Tx


I might have more than one color scheme on this one because I found more awesome shapes that I just had to share with yall but don’t worry Ill make sure I still put my pallets.

(Tight Circle) Mcallen, Tx
(Snooping Around) Mcallen, Tx

23 2.PNG

This color scheme reminds me of a Mac Miller’s Album called “Watching movies with the sound off” its a really great album if your into that type of stuff. I would recommend lighting one up before hearing it to get the best experience I’m talking’bout that loud.

(Spiritual Cover) Mcallen, Tx
(Stairway to heaven) Mcallen, Tx


(Roots) Mcallen, Tx
(Home Plate) Mcallen, Tx

This last picture really hit home because I would play baseball when I was in high school and when I took this picture It reminded me that I haven’t played baseball in the longest time I felt sadness but at the same time I felt honored to be able to experience baseball and its culture I learned lesson’s in baseball that I still use to this day.

This is norby signing out wishing you the best and hope you decide to come back to see tomorrows journey with my photography.


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