Day 24 of 365

Hey everybody welcome back to my side of the internet to check out what I did on the day of June, 20!

My sister came by and told me to give my little niece a small photo shoot because she was dressed for the occasion and I knew my day was going to be spend with her and let me tell y’all I had a great outcome I love how she’s so cute and she understands when I told her to get a pose she’s a natural all of the poses she made are on her own I didn’t give her any specific instructions.

(Strike a pose) Mission, Tx
(Love it) Mission, Tx

This was actually shoot in my backyard it might not be the best place but it sure make my niece stand out with those colors.

(Soaking the sun) Mission, Tx
(No rookie here) Mission, Tx


Today we do have a color scheme and I wanted some neutral colors some blues and greens with the rest complimenting with one another.

(Curios) Mission, Tx

Thanks to everyone’s positive feedback and support I’m going to start incorporating small clips into my blogs it might be a minute log or even as long as 5 minutes but be assured that my videos are about nature and I’ll be giving my own twist stay tuned for that. This is norby once again signing out wishing you the best and hoping the universe sends positive vibes your way.


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