Day 25 of 365

Hey fellow readers how are we doing this fine evening? Hopefully everyone is doing great.

This afternoon I noticed everywhere I would go I would see a hue of pink in different places that is when knew pink was going to be the color scheme for today. Hopefully you like these images I took just for ya’ll.

(SunSet) Mission, Tx
(Rose Bloom) Mission, Tx


I wanted to keep the colors very simple this shoot was at a medium level anyone can accomplish you just need some patience and determination.  But I really love how the pink hues and white contrasts with the black shadows and greens.

(Back Piece) Mission, Tx
(Explosive Pink) Mission, Tx

My day felt like this last image it was all over the place, I had a few errands in the morning and I got lost trying to get back home, silly me thought I could make it back without google maps I ended pulling over to GPS my way home.

(Elite Rose) Mission, Tx
(Light painting) Mission, Tx

As you can see I got a bit creative on this shoot I was playing with light trying to capture the hues of pink and challenging myself with creating a abstract image. FUN FACT did you know photography means painting with light? I didn’t either until a buddy of mine told me and now I take it literal and I’m painting with light and giving you this abstract image.

This is norby once again wishing you the best and thanking you for taking the time out of your schedule to see how my day went today have a great day and wish you the best vibes your way.


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