Day 27 of 365

Urban Art,

Hey everyone hows my favorite people doing this Friday? Bet everyone is exited for the weekend huh? My Friday is not over yet but I just know I’m going to end it in a good note I promise you that.

Today where going to talk about something different a different type of art that everyone always discard as vandalism I’m talking about graffiti the rebels way of expressing themselves creatively. Lets proceed with my pictures that I captured today in a city called Edinburgh close to where I live.

(Watch step) Edinburgh, Tx
(Stamina) Edinburgh, Tx

To be completely honest I can’t understand what some are saying but you can tell the skill and patience it took to create these pieces of art. I always see graffiti around and I know mostly everyone hates this because they label it as vandalism but If we had a place where these artists could express themselves properly this wouldn’t be much of a problem, we just want to create art for all to enjoy.

(Resurrected) Edinburgh, Tx
(Hanging out) Edinburgh, Tx


My color pallet for today was pretty simple no colors in specific but I did tried to keep all my photos in the same scenario. I took these pictures in a abandoned building that everyone decided to treat as a huge canvas and boy I love how no one is tagging for territory but for creative purpose.

(Chilling Villan) Edinburgh, Tx
(Lotus Rose) Edinburgh, Tx
(Areas) Edinburgh, Tx

This is Norby giving you thanks and I appreciate each and one of y’all for the likes and great comments please don’t be shy and leave me a comment and share with me how your day went today I’ll love to hear back from my followers. See ya’ll guys later until tomorrow hope your day is as wonderful as mine and filled with great information.


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