Day 28 of 365

Plant life!,

Hey how’s everyone doing this fine evening?  I’m doing great thanks for visiting my blog once again just to see how my day went with my photography.

Nature has always been a beautiful concept to me. I love capturing nature in many perspectives but today I want to acknowledge how beautiful plants can become by giving us our fruits and vegetables but also creating the perfect atmosphere for anyone to enjoy.

(Fruit of life) Mission, Tx

This picture Is the perfect representation of how Texas weather Is like itss hot really hot!

(Mango) Mission, Tx
(Mango leaf) Mission, Tx
(Eye see you) Mission, Tx

Am I’m the only one that sees a eye on this lemon tree branch? It was a really cool eye for me not to capture.

(Leafly) Mission, Tx

Well that’s my day filled with nature and this Texas heat it was a great day overall enjoyed it to the max.

This is norby signing out wishing everyone a great day and hoping everyone is having great time. Enjoy the weekend guys look for some time for yourself and remember to drink more water.


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