Day 29 of 365

Read Red!

Hey hows my favorite group of people doing this fine afternoon? My day was awesome how about yourself? Don’t be afraid to comment on how your day was I want too know how my followers are doing.

On this wonderful Sunday I found myself looking for red on today’s scheme. This was a bit tricky because I had to visit 2 locations to get enough pictures nonetheless enjoy.

(Fireman Bike) Mcallen, Tx
(Fireman’s Park) Mcallen, Tx

23 2

I tried to keep it at reds but some blues and greens got some action but i don’t mind the pictures look solid and I bet you can see the red pop up more. I was actually in two parks for this shoot I was really trying hard looking for reds.

(Red Steal) Mcallen, Tx
(Wheel power) Mcallen, Tx
(Fidget Pen) Mcallen, Tx

This pen I recently bought and while in this shoot I noticed its also red so this was the perfect opportunity to  advertise my fidget spinner Its actually just a pen with weights on each end and its so I can practice how to spin it between my fingers, If I get better I wouldn’t mind showing ya’ll a small demonstration on how it works.


(Black Single Widow) Mcallen, Tx

Thank you very much for coming to my post once again It was really fun for me and had lots of fun and got great experience. Oh and my apologies If my post from yesterday didn’t see the light of the internet, while writing this post I noticed It was just sitting in my drafts so I’m sorry If you didn’t get your daily dose of Norby but its up and running go check out yesterday’s adventure.

This is Norby once again signing out wishing you the best time ever and drink more water guys.


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