Day 30 : Photo Manipulation

Hey everyone I’m finally in my day 30 and Today is a special day because its my Birthday Guys! yes I’m exited but I wanted to do something special for ya’ll because I’m feeling generous and I wanted to share some work I’ve been working on its called photo manipulation hope you enjoy.

(Free Falling)

I didn’t take any of these pictures but I did create them to look like this. I call it photo manipulation because I am manipulating with your perception and I love doing that if you haven’t noticed.

(Fox’s Den)

I got these Images for free from a website called ( they offer free high resolution images for you to download and do what ever you please. I got them and merge them together to bring you these images.

(Chase Your dreams)
(Day Dreamer)

So what do you guys think about my Photoshop skills? You guys can critique I don’t mind that’s why I’m here to only get better right. Well guys sorry I had to make it short but it is my birthday and I wanted to keep it short but wonderful hopefully it stood to my expectations.

This is Norby signing out once again wishing you the best in what ever you decided to do today and remember to smile more today guys until tomorrow hope you have a great Monday.


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